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We supply and install toughened glass for architectural, commercial, home improvement, vehicle and marine window applications.

Our philosophy is simple and straightforward – we understand our customers’ needs, respond quickly to customer enquiries, and always meet our deadlines. We believe technical support is an integral part of our customer service, so our executives are on hand at all times to give you detailed advice that meets your needs.

Due to this, we have continued to expand and enhance our reputation for quality products and the highest levels of service within this competitive market.

01 Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is constructed from two or more panels of glass, sandwiching an interlayer which bonds the glass together. Should the glass be broken, the main function of the plastic interlayer is to retain the broken glass in situ, holding glass fragments in place in the event of breakage.

02 Architectural Glass

Today our capital cities and business areas thrive with beautiful, stylish buildings. The majority of these are complete with facades made entirely of glass and magnificent glassed atriums, providing more light and a greater feeling of space than ever possible with traditionally clad or constructed buildings.

03 Shatter-Proof Glass

Flying glass shards, caused by the pressure of explosions, which come into contact with individuals can cause huge casualties. The threat of terrorism and violent criminal activity has focused the minds of glass producers the world over, who work to provide blast resistant glass solutions to lower the risk of injury and fatalities from blast situations.

04 Decorative Glass

Today, following advancements in interlayering, we manufacture, supply and install laminated decorative glass that is aesthetically stunning, structurally strong and suitable for both external and internal glass applications.

05 Security Glass

The manufacturing process that we apply, involves lamination and the insertion of industry leading interlayers between the glass sheets and in some cases on the exterior of the pane, the building’s internal glass face. These outstanding interlayers are lighter, thinner and more durable than traditional all-glass and glass-clad polycarbonate alternatives.

06 Bullet-Proof Glass

Bulletproof glass is designed to dissipate and absorb the energy of the projectile on impact and to contain it within the face of the glass pane that has been struck. As a result, our bullet resistant glass provides protection to those on the other side of the pane, helping to mitigate the scope of serious injuries and fatalities from gun attack.

07 Art Glass

Art Glass has history of having long trends which has been prevailing since the 13th century. Designers and Builders across the world have now taken up this art form in their projects; competing for the most unique projects available. Hence the demand for Decorative glass has increased immensely.

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